The mining industry

is hiring again

The mining industry is hiring again

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The work in mines can be hard and physically demanding, however it is well worth the effort as the average income of an Australian miner is now $90,000. And with the current expansion in the mining industry, there is plenty of work in mines available. There is work in mines for everyone, whether you have construction experience, driving experience, sales experience or even cooking experience!

There are many things you must consider when you think about work in mines, in particular, you’ll want to consider where you would prefer to work and what position you would like to apply for. Depending on these two things, you’ll need certain certificates and types of training. You may also need to consider getting a passport if you are thinking about taking a FIFO position overseas. FIFO positions are jobs for work in mines that have employees flown to and from the mining site. You can choose to take up a FIFO position in another state within Australia, or you can choose to work in mines in another country because there are many openings in exotic locations available.

Because the particular certificates and licences you need will differ on a case by case basis, it is imperative that you understand which ones are needed specifically for your work in mines. What may suit one person, may not suit you. Once you have the right qualifications and you discover where you would like to work within or outside of Australia, you can begin applying for jobs. From here you’ll need a great resume to impress the employers, and then you should be all good to start work in mines!

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