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We look forward to hearing from you. The best way to send your details through to us is by filling in the registration form.

Once you have filled in the form, we will be in contact with you within 48 hours. From there, one of our dedicated staff members will help you find the best possible way to join the mining industry. The more information you provide us, the faster our staff can begin to see what positions would be best for you depending on your skill set, what locations are currently accepting applicants, and what licences and certifications will be necessary to gain prior to employment.

If you have experience in the mining industry or a related field, please include this information, including your role in these positions and what you can offer employers based on the skills you previously learned. If you have no experience in the mining industry, instead detail the areas you do have knowledge in, and consider how these skills may be beneficial for finding a well-suited job in the Australian mines. Everyone has something to offer, and the mines are always seeking hard workers for a variety of unique roles.

Feel free to also include details regarding the types of roles you would be interested in applying for, the locations you would be curious about working in, any current license you have that you feel may be relevant to the mining industry, and any questions regarding the mining industry, roles, equipment, and international and domestic mining jobs. With your skills and personal preferences detailed, we will be able to discover the best route specifically designed for you to enter into the mining industry successfully.

We do not require a full CV at the outset, but the more detail you can provide on the form, the better we can assist you. We will then be able to provide you everything you need to get working in the mining industry.

All details you provide are kept confidential in line with our privacy policy. Submitting this form confirms you understand that we don't place people into jobs and we're not a recruitment company. Further detail on our remunerated service is available on the terms and conditions page.