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Why Choose Us

Why you need Australian Miners expert assistance


Times have changed – you can’t just pop into a recruiter or mine site and drop off your CV and have a job the following week. The mining industry is one of the most competitive industries in Australia.

Just some 10 years ago, it was reasonably straightforward to pick up mining work by being physically fit and willing to put in some hard yards.

But in recent years as the spotlight on the industry grew, and in particular as details of miner’s earnings (and the lifestyle they live) became public, the number of job applicants grew significantly. Over the last couple of years we have seen record numbers of applications being filed, with some companies receiving over 500 submissions a day.

What you need is a way to ensure that you, as an applicant, stand out from the pack.

We will work through the best options for you to get employed within the mining industry. This includes details on training, finding the types of jobs suited to you, helping locate companies that may be able to meet your specific preferences (e.g. with regards to location, accommodation, pay, roles, training, etc).

A lot of people who struggle with finding work in the mining industry have this trouble because they make a stack of mistakes. Had these people come through us from the outset, they could have avoided making these mistakes and could be working now.