The mining industry

is hiring again

The mining industry is hiring again

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Are you a woman wanting to work in the lucrative mining industry but don’t think you’ll get a look in because of the mining industry’s male-dominated history? Don’t worry. There has never been a better time for women to enter the mining industry as the mine bosses are starting to realise the advantages of employing women in an industry where there needs to be great attention to detail and a huge amount of responsibility. Mining companies are employing women because:

– They tend to have great safety records.
– Their work ethics are excellent.
– The number of skilled women is very high.
– Women are gentle on the mining equipment.
– They tend to keep their equipment clean.

Whether you’re longing for adventure in a distant location or you’d rather stay close to home, there are positions open for women all over Australia, and throughout the world. Roles in remote locations generally require travel to and from the site via plane, with shifts lasting a two or three weeks at a time. Holiday time between shifts is generous, and workers are flown back to their home if they are employed in a FIFO positioon, if they so desire. Special accommodations can even be made for couples if they’d like the same rostered time off.

Thee are particular positions with women that seem to be popular. These often include dump truck driving, engineering, geology, mobile plant operators, administration, drilling and environmental rehabilitation. There may be other positions you would be suitable if you’re a woman looking for a job in the mines, and we can help you decide which roles would be suited to your experience and preferences.

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