The mining industry

is hiring again

The mining industry is hiring again

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Welcome to Mining Australia. We have extensive experience helping people get into the Australia mining industry. If you follow our comprehensive recommendations and advice, you will maximise your employment prospects. If you are contemplating applying for a traineeship apprenticeship, and would prefer to begin in the exciting and vastly rewarding mining industry, then read on. Mine companies commonly offer traineeship apprenticeship in the mining industry to fill the gap of skilled workers that are not available but are in urgent need of.

Apprenticeship traineeship positions usually mean that the prospective employees are new to the mining industry. They get paid while learning on the mine site in order to gain mining experience – often resulting in higher salary. If you are considering apprenticeship traineeship positions, you’ll want to understand what training, certificates, and licences are required prior to applying for mining jobs.

There are likely to be apprenticeship traineeship close to your location within Australia, otherwise you may be interested in a fly in/ fly out (FIFO) position. These positions are usually in foreign countries, and require that employees be flown to and from the mine site by the employer. These apprenticeship traineeship positions are often ideal for the adventurer. There are many traineeship apprenticeship available within the mining industry depending on your particular area of expertise. From cementing operators, to dump truck operators, excavator operators to maintenance, the possibilities go on and on. A willingness to work in different locations in a FIFO position often ups the chances of relieving a traineeship apprenticeship position in the mining industry.

A traineeship apprenticeship position is ideal for you if you have not worked in the mining industry before what to undertake a new career path, you have an interest in learning new skills, and you want to be paid to learn while working. If you are interested in entering the exciting and rewarding career that the mining industry has on offer, and want to build up your skills and work experience while being paid, then a traineeship apprenticeship sounds like the perfect job prospect for you. You will also get to meet like-minded people who are just starting out in the mining industry as you are, and experienced mining employees who can offer you years of advice and encouragement for becoming successful in this industry.

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