The mining industry

is hiring again

The mining industry is hiring again

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The wealth of the mining boom has given Perth, the capital of Western Australia, an exciting economic boom. Western Australia has more mines than any other state in Australia. The demand for mine workers in Perth, because of this growth, has made miner wages sky-rocket to an average of over $90,000.

There are tons of positions available for people looking to work on the mines in Perth. It’s a great mine working location for overseas workers because it’s the central hub of international flights. A few of the open positions in the Perth mines are:

– Dump Truck Drivers and Excavator Operators
– Dozers and Front-end Loaders
– Boggers, Jumbos and Labourers
– Trades Assistants and Sample Preparers
– Junior and Senior Surveyors and Geologists
– Fitters, Mechanics and Boilermakers
– Administrators, Cleaners and Housekeepers
– Kitchen Hands, Chefs and Cooks

Some of these positions are more physically demanding, others are more skill-based. You can always try a role out, and if you don’t like it, there’s always room to move up in the industry to a different position.

If you think one of these roles would suit you, it might be time to start looking into the details of the position requirements like the training and licences you may need, and the safety training courses involved. It’s also good to know whether your employer will pay for these licenses and training courses, and the sorts of accommodations that will be provided.

If you want to get into the industry, but you don’t know which of these roles would be best for you to start at, we can help you figure that out and help get you working as soon as possible. We can advise you on all these issues and any other questions you may have about the Perth mining jobs available.

It’s important to get the right advice from the start. In these hard times, the mining industry is one of the few trades that is still expanding. Whether you’re already skilled or completely new to the work force, there is no better time to start than the present.

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