The mining industry

is hiring again

The mining industry is hiring again

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People from all over the world are looking to go down-under in the Australian out-back to snatch up a piece of the mining boom pie. While the economy drains in most industries, the Australian mining industry thrives. There are mining jobs opening up all over Australia, particularly in Western Australia and Queensland. Mine companies are open to hiring people from all different backgrounds, from natives to foreigners, skilled to straight-out-of-school. Mining jobs for foreigners never looked so good. Lots of mining choices – and the pay is great.

Since there are so many mine sites throughout Australia, there’s a lot of selection for those interested in mining jobs for foreigners. Employers generally pay for all flights to the site and back to your home. There is a large array of positions available for different backgrounds and skills. Many entry-level positions pay over $100.000 AU a year for workers, such as the dump truck driver positions. Some other well-paid positions include:

– Heavy equipment operation
– Labouring
– Dump Truck operation
– Administration
– Traineeships/ Apprenticeships
– Geology

Many other jobs are available depending on the mine site you’re keen to work on. Many of those interested in mining jobs for foreigners take kindly to mine sites located in Port Headland, Mackay, Kalgoorlie, Olympic Dam, Mount Isa, and Argyle. Before hopping on a plane over to Australia, it’s good to be sure that you are prepared for the job title you seek. You’ll want to know:

– What licenses you’ll need
– If there are traineeships available
– What Visa is required to work in Australia, and how to get it
– Whether you need mining experience
– The training required and where to get it
– The certifications that are required
– The soonest you can start mining

You can save time and money by understanding what is expected in the mining industry before applying for mining jobs for foreigners. You’ll want to consider where mine sites are located, who to contact about work, and the different job titles available. Securing a job prior to moving to Australia is a much safer financial move than flying over and looking for a job, because the mining industry is very competitive. Now is the perfect time to join the industry, but you’ll want to know how to nail the job before job hunting.

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