The mining industry

is hiring again

The mining industry is hiring again

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There are plenty of jobs for New Zealanders in the Australian mining industry, and so many people like you have already found out about the great benefits of joining the mining business, so the word is spreading fast. There is a range of jobs available throughout Australia with the biggest mining areas are Western Australia and Queensland. Mine companies commonly employ Kiwis to work in the Australian mines, as they offer work for both skilled and unskilled people.

If you’re from New Zealand and are lucky enough to secure a job in the Australian mines then you might want to move over here to be closer to your job site. Otherwise there are often FIFO jobs for New Zealanders that let you fly to the mine site at the start of your rostered weeks on and fly home again at ht end. There is a range of positions available to suit a range of work backgrounds and experiences. In some cases you could be paid up to AU $100,000 a year for operating a Dump Truck.

There is a range of work available in Australia now for people who are interested in Heavy equipment operation, Geology, Labouring, Administration, Dump Truck operation, Traineeships/ Apprenticeships and many other roles. There are jobs for New Zealanders in a number of places, including Olympic Dam, Kalgoorlie, Port Headland, Argyle, Mackay and Mount Isa. Moving to Australia to look for mine work is a big decision, so you need to consider all your options before you make a move like that. The team at Mining Australia can advise you on the types of jobs available and the requirements for each, any training you might need and where you’ll find relevant courses, the pay you can expect for each position and whether the employers pay for travel and accommodation costs. We will also suggest ways to improve your resume to get it looking as professional as possible.

If you’re interested in jobs for New Zealanders in the Australian mines then you need the best advice before you put time and effort into your job search. Contact Mining Australia today.

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