The mining industry

is hiring again

The mining industry is hiring again

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If you and your partner are currently seeking work together at the same mine site, and unsure how to proceed, then we can help. If you and your partner want to enter the mining industry but don’t want to be separated by lengthy times apart, then you probably want to know if this option is available and where to apply for work. There are a lot of couples currently seeking work in the mining industry and some of the issues they face include:

– Securing work at the same mine site
– Applying for shared accommodation
– Whether they will be able to have the same days off

Considering there are many mine sites located throughout Australia, there may be jobs for couples available close to where you live. Otherwise you may be interested in a fly in/ fly out (FIFO) position. If you are looking to find jobs for couples, then you may want to know what experience or training is required in order to begin working together, the soonest you both could start together, and what accommodation is like.

If you want to make a new start and plan on spending more time with your partner, there are plenty of jobs for couples available. Working at the same company as your partner can be a unique and rewarding experience. There are many couples who want to make a better life for themselves in the new and thriving mining industry but do not want to be separated from loved ones.

If you are considering getting into the mining industry, now is a great time to do so for both singles and jobs for couples.

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