Mining Australia vs Recruitment Agencies

We are not a recruitment agency – here is why we are better:




1. What each does

We identify the highest paying types of jobs suitable for your background, or types of jobs you want

They are interested in filling available jobs in their books with the most qualified person, and reject other applicants who aren’t a perfect fit

2. Cost

A one time fee of $214

Recruitment agencies fees are usually between 10%-15% of your total salary figure, meaning that up 15 % of what your employer wanted to pay you has to be added to the cost of hiring you or deducted from what you will get paid

3. Specific jobs

Provides guidance on ALL suitable jobs in the industry, based on region, state or the entire country

Are generally interested in placing people only in jobs on their books

4. Training

We identify any additional training you may need to help you become the perfect fit for your target job

See 1. above

5. Additional help

We provide personal help to assist you in making improvements to your resume and cover letter

See 1. above

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