The mining industry

is hiring again

The mining industry is hiring again

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The Australian mining industry of today is incredibly strong and prosperous, and mining companies are constantly on the look out for people who have trade skills and know-how which they can apply to working on a mine. If you have skills in buiding or carpentry, then it’s likely that there’s a job out there to suit you somewhere.

So if you’re thinking of taking your trade skills somewhere that you’ll be well rewarded, look no further than the Australian mining industry. The pay of mining carpentry jobs, and doing building work on a mine site is better than that of city jobs, and there is a lot of potential for you to develop your skills while working in the mining industry, meaning you end up with great rewards for your hard work, and a chance to move up into even better carpentry jobs in the long run. You could even have the chance to work as a supervisor as you gain experience, putting you in charge of all the other carpenters and builders on site. If you don’t have any experience in the mining industry, and you’re interested in a mining carpentry job, then you might need to rethink your plans for now. Mining companies want carpenters who have lots of skills, and are able to start work straight away.

If you don’t have any skills under your belt, you won’t get a job yet, because these days mining is such a competitive industry that employers don’t train people who don’t have any skills when they could easily just hire a carpenter or builder who already has the skills that they’re looking for. You should think about taking on another job in this awesome industry, something like an entry level job which doesn’t need you to have carpentry qualifications. Or maybe you could take on an apprenticeship as a carpenter or a builder, and give yourself the chance to get the job you really want in the long run.

Mining Australia has all sorts of information on getting a job in the mining industry in Australia, including things like carpentry, and we can give you heaps of help when it comes to working out what’s right for you, to help you get your hands on a job in the mines, whether it be as a builder, carpenter, or something completely different. To get started, fill in the form above.

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